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Our Mission: to superexponentially expand the scope of the possible and empower every person to experience a life of abundance.






A bold vision for transforming global challenges into massive opportunities



Impacting humanity at scale

Innovating and orchestrating:



Media & Education





Science & Technology






Entrepreneurship & the Arts





Possibility is directly linked to hope. Abundant World Institute is a hope machine because it exponentially expands the scope of the possible.

Organized as a Public Benefit Corporation, we are a society of the world’s foremost technologists, futurists, and entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming global grand challenges into massive opportunities in four key interdependent areas of tremendous human consequence:



Take the Tour — Imagine the Possibilities…

To realize an abundant future, we must begin by asking questions that are as audacious as the challenges they address.

For example…


Abundant World Institute is working alongside, and collaborating with, hundreds of global thought leaders, futurists, scientists, technologists, educators, economists, and artists to envision and actualize a future of abundance for all via the holistic integration of science, technology, media, education, entrepreneurship, and the arts. By bringing each of these vectors together into coherent focus (and across our three business units), we can bring to bear the very best of human capacity to create an amazing world of unlimited human flourishing.



And now… how we will do it:






Abundant World Institute
is an emerging media powerhouse dedicated to producing global media of outstanding quality that inspires, supports, and orients exponential thinking to the massive opportunities presented by global challenges. It is inclusive of books (enjoying international distribution), film (with distribution via AMC/Regal, Apple, and other channels), 24/7 network broadcast (with syndication), audio, interactive, social, mobile, virtual, and other breakthrough media technologies, including interactive cinematic experiences.

will comprise programming of exceptionally high production values spanning our iconic brands (Popular Electronics, Mechanix Illustrated, Popular Astronomy, Technica Curiosa and others) to showcase the infinite potential of technological applications for solving global challenges; thought leader-hosted shows; interviews with exciting and inspiring high-profile personalities; competitions; original dramatic series; documentaries; and other content vehicles. Our unique model brings together a powerful collective of thought leaders whose insights help light the path to global transformation.




Our award-winning foundational text, Moonshots—Creating a World of Abundance, won the 2019 Gold Medal by Axiom Business Book Awards, the 2019 Readers’ Favorite Award, and was honored by Kirkus Reviews as a “Best Book of 2018.” Moonshots reveals the world-changing secrets of the entrepreneurial mindset, showing how curiosity, imagination, and exponential possibility are enabling life without limits.





After Shock, coming February 4, 2020, marks the 50-year anniversary of Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock with a compendium of illuminating essays by the world’s foremost futurists and thought leaders. The book is a centerpiece of the powerful and influential global network we are building to advance the mission of Abundant World Institute.


A sampling of our featured partners and thought leaders:


Ray Kurzweil



David Brin



Po Bronson



David Krakauer



Paul Saffo



Kirk Borne




George Gilder



Alan Kay



Aubrey de Grey



Lord Martin Rees



Newt Gingrich



Sanjiv Chopra, MD



Martin Guigui



Bill Davidow



Carver Mead



John Schroeter



Byron Reese



Dr. Joe Dispenza


At the heart of the organization is the Abundant World “Hive”—our human intelligence-driven community platform that serves as a powerful hub for our global network of futurists and thought leaders, yielding an unprecedented opportunity for building mass synergy behind the Abundant World movement, sowing the seeds of a new, abundance-driven economy, and freeing the word from the oppressive, scarcity-driven mindset that only limits human potential.




Abundant World Institute
is teaming with leading visionaries to reinvent education, to advance it from its Industrial Age model, to expand and develop the capacity for “applied imagination.” Technology will play a vital role, but to be effective, it must be at the service of new, game-changing models. Both Moonshots and After Shock define these new models, which we are building out with curricula and novel technology-enabled delivery mechanisms, including catalogs of online/virtual/interactive courses, with faculty drawn from our vast network of thought-leading subject matter experts. Putting the new models into motion today, Abundant World Institute is collaborating with Touro College to produce a compelling curriculum based on the principles of our foundational texts, Moonshots and After Shock, which will ultimately be marketed to universities worldwide.


The first meeting of the Touro College Moonshots Scholar Program! During their 8-week sessions, they will be introduced to new technologies, meet scientists and entrepreneurs, and engage with the NYC biotech community to create their own “Moonshot Enterprises.”


Abundant World Institute
 is also producing “mini-courses” (both paid and MOOC) with content developed by our global network, and with impact measured at every juncture. We are harnessing and bringing coherence to a global collective of enlightened changemakers with a goal to reach every person.


Abundant World Institute
 is an inherently egalitarian enterprise, unlike elitist organizations and institutes which remain insulated from the “real” world they seek to affect. Abundant World Institute will bring its media and educational programs directly into impoverished regions and inner cities where they are needed most.


Science & Technology


Enabled by a sophisticated AI-driven innovation platform, people will, for the first time, be able to “imagineer” a better future by connecting the dots looking forward—something no other AI platform is able to do today—breaking entirely new ground in the field.



—An Abundant World Institute Venture—

Imagine novel and innovative solutions in such vital areas as personal wellness and education, energy and the environment, dramatically accelerating entirely new insights and breakthroughs…

Imagination Machines
is an audacious initiative to imbue machines with the capacity of imagination—augmenting human capacities—to help humanity meet its global grand challenges and to transform otherwise intractable problems into opportunities. Led by the leading minds in AI, and driven in part by the innovative application of “counterfactuals” and causal discovery to AI, Imagination Machines will help us to look forward—to imagine and construct new futures scenarios, to accurately predict the future, to generate new innovative ideas, to make nonobvious connections, to link cause and effect, to produce new and novel creative works—with little to no data to go on.

Present forms of deep learning are unable to accomplish this because they are dependent upon data science—the use of methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. This is in contrast to “imagination science”—the emerging field that extends data science beyond its current realm of learning probability distributions from known samples. Only through imagination science can AI begin to ask “What if?” as opposed to “What is?” Indeed, Imagination Machines will reinvent the way we invent. Application areas span drug discovery to climate science; advanced materials to complex electronic systems, geopolitics to poverty. 



Albert Einstein famously once said, “If we knew what we were doing, we wouldn’t call it research…” That is is an apt description of how new drugs are developed. AI has great promise to improve this process, but not without a significant step forward. Current AI “trains” on what is known; by definition “research” involves what is not known. For AI to truly impact drug development, it will need to embrace all that is known and imagine the outcomes of what is not yet understood. This process of AI-driven imagination, translated into sound drug development design, is what will fundamentally change the attrition curve that currently is the fatal flaw of the pharmaceutical R&D enterprise.

—Dr. Rick Sax
Imagination Machines Strategic Advisor




The “Great Transformation” is upon us, unfolding and expanding in remarkable and exciting ways that will revolutionize every aspect of business—innovation, market development, capital, global talent, and more. Nothing will be left untouched. Many of the coming disruptions will be driven and accelerated by a new and emerging class of entrepreneurs currently working in startup incubators, accelerators, and university entrepreneurship programs around the world. As such, there has never been a better time or opportunity to get to know, help, equip, and guide them. Abundant World Institute’s media, educational systems, and technology platforms will converge to inspire and prepare entrepreneurs to bring novel, world-impacting solutions to market, to align them with mentors, industry, partners, and funding sources via our global network. Our foundational text, Moonshots, along with its associated media, courses, and other resources, provides the road map to developing exponential solutions, as well as the all-important opportunity-driven mindset that enables and drives their possibilities. Indeed, imagination is the only limit.

Abundant World Institute
will follow these entrepreneurs from their early stages to growth while they work to balance a multi-trillion dollar wave of new investment in emerging technologies over the next decade against the disrupted jobs market that will surely attend it. These new entrepreneurs are operating in an unprecedented milieu of massive opportunity, major economic impact, and regulatory uncertainty that will develop under their dynamic leadership and influence. We envision a critical opportunity to work closely with what will prove to be history’s most consequential generation of entrepreneurs, to influence their missions in creating a world of abundance. To these ends, our anchor advisory board includes such luminaries as Regina Dugan (former DARPA director, leader of Facebook’s Bldg 8 and Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team), Peter Cohan, Carver Mead, Naveen Jain, Carl Schramm, Byron Reese, and others.


The Arts


“Man is unique not because he does science, and he is unique not because he does art, but because science and art equally are expressions of his marvelous plasticity of mind.”

—Jacob Bronowski

We believe the arts are fundamental to human flourishing, as well as to communication, social cohesion, and creativity. These are the ultimate hallmarks of an abundant world and essential to fostering spiritual, emotional, and intellectual enlightenment and inspiration.

As such, the arts shall be integrated into every aspect of our work, including our media and education thrusts, as we help to transform STEM to STEAM. Moreover, Abundant World Institute’s arts initiatives shall also be expressed in novel, experiential forms as we build out Alvin Toffler’s vision for “Imaginetic Centers”—immersive, hyper experiences that involve and stimulate all the senses in imagining and experiencing the future we start to create today.



Business Structure, Models & Revenue Streams

Abundant World is organized as a Public Benefit Corporation with a novel organizational structure that comprises Ventures (Imagination Machines), the Media (supported by research and knowledge repository), and the Institute, our collective for the world’s foremost futurists and thought leaders that provides global subject matter expertise to inform Abundant World’s ventures and institute/media operations. By virtue of this organization, we are able to create reinforcing feedback loops and link the interdependencies among the various domains. A case in point serves to illustrate the model: Current work in development economics, for example, is focused on combatting poverty—one of our objectives at Abundant World. The prevailing models, however, rely on traditional economic approaches that inherently limit the impact potential of the work. But with the help of Imagination Machines, we are able to introduce the application of AI-driven causal discovery to the problems, yielding entirely new and novel solutions to these otherwise intractable challenges. The Hive, via its collective expertise, informs the development of the models and briefs that will ultimately run on the Imagination Machines platform that will generate the new scenarios, while the Institute, via the media organization, communicates the remarkable outcomes in documentaries, interactive, film, books, and other content/story vehicles, expanding awareness and growing our Hive network in a self-reinforcing process—and in the process, yielding new opportunities in a continual cycle that also builds our knowledge repository. Taken together, this organizational model provides a powerful means of advancing the world toward abundance in every sphere of life.

And because Abundant World is a for-profit social enterprise, the organization is self-sustaining. Each of our business units has associated with it myriad and novel revenue streams that will enable the organization to scale and grow into a global enterprise of tremendous reach and influence.

 Why structure Abundant World Institute as a for-profit enterprise? Discover here why for-profit is the only viable, sustainable structure for creating a world of abundance (excerpted from Moonshots—Creating a World of Abundance.)




Will You Partner With Us?


The mission of Abundant World Institute is ambitious. It is also precisely what is needed at this critical hinge of history. Achieving our objectives will require all of the “instruments” of our work—media, education, science, technology, entrepreneurship, the arts—to be performing together, simultaneously, in concert, under the leadership of our accomplished team. Together, we can compose a beautiful opus… “Our Abundant Future.”

To learn more about our mission and objectives, contact us.