What if your people brought “moonshot thinking” to work every day? What would your company look like in a year? In five years? Wouldn’t you like to find out?

Your Company’s Passport to a Thriving Future: Moonshots—Creating a World—and an ENTERPRISE—of Abundance

What’s the surest path to avoid getting disrupted—and taking command of your company’s future?
“Moonshot thinking.” Moonshots—the critically-acclaimed, award-winning book by Naveen Jain, John Schroeter, and Sir Richard Branson—is a truly remarkable resource for inspiring and cultivating imaginative, exponential thinking in all your business leaders—the single most important quality for ensuring your company’s thriving future.

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Award-winning and Critically-acclaimed
Moonshots is the Gold Medal winner of the 2019 Axiom Business Book Awards and was named a “Best Book of 2018” by Kirkus Reviews. In short, this is a seriously good book whose applied insights can make a massive difference in your company’s future—which is entirely dependent upon the fine-tuned thought processes of your people. Every business leader should have a copy of Moonshots as an indispensable reference for successfully navigating the unprecedented changes ahead.

What Others are Saying
According to Kirkus Reviews, this “. . . elegantly written treatise deeply explores in the broadest possible terms the thought process of the entrepreneur . . . waxing poetic about intellectual curiosity, motivation, perception, and wisdom, but none more important than imagination . . . The book’s pertinent illustrations are creative, stimulating, and thought-provoking . . . The prose conveys breathless, almost soaring optimism . . . exuding an infectious passion for the role of the disruptive entrepreneur in meeting the world’s challenges. There is so much genuine wisdom in this work that it is hard not to come away impressed with the breadth and depth of [its] insights.”

From podcaster Chip Franks, “Okay—I’m going to start by saying that this book makes me a bit angry. And it’s not for the reasons you may think: it’s because this is SUCH an important book, and yet it’s not being taught to the masses or heralded in schools . . . This book is literally like having a billionaire/genius/philanthropist in your ear, letting you know where the world is going, how to capitalize on that, and how we can ALL make this a better place for humanity. It tells you what the future looks like. It’s like the Wayne Gretzky quote about skating to where the puck will be, while the rest of mankind is happy going through life in a trance, content with incremental changes, unaware of the tsunami of massive change that is already happening all around us. As impressive as this book is in telling us what will happen and how life will change, the most important aspect of the book is that the reader gets a glimpse into HOW the mind of Naveen Jain works. He is, without a doubt, the most optimistic, positive, possibility-oriented person I’ve ever experienced—and this book is like a roadmap to that mind. It lets us know not WHAT to think, but the possibilities of HOW to think. It’s amazing, it’s groundbreaking, and it’s as dense as society is right now. I don’t think the brilliance of this book will be discovered until many years later. It’s almost too much to handle. It’s the textbook to the future. It’s really that impactful.”

And from the Midwest Book Review, “From Flatland discussions to Dostoevsky, philosophy, and the roots of entrepreneurial thinking, Moonshots encourages the idea that bigger-picture thinking needn’t come from a foundation of expertise alone . . . Thinking investors and entrepreneurs who want to move outside the box will find much encouragement in the ‘moonshot’ approach, which supports the reason why the process is so accessible to non-technical readers: “Moonshots are possible only because audacious entrepreneurs are able to look at a problem from a perspective that the experts have never considered. Thinking in the abstract is something the industry expert can no longer do.” Indeed, much is involved in cultivating this approach. As such, Moonshots is a read to be digested slowly, savored over a period of time, and approached with the respect for complexity that it deserves.”

What You’ll Learn

  • How restoring our lost sense of wonder, reclaiming a mindset driven by possibility thinking, imagination, curiosity, and, most importantly, the courage to ask big, daring “what if” questions—even “crazy” questions—will enable amazing solutions to the world’s great challenges.
  • Why what’s truly crazy today is the application of short-sighted incrementalism and linear approaches to problems of exponential proportions—and believing they’ll make any difference.
  • The surprising reasons why experts are unable to solve the world’s problems—and how you can turn this to your advantage.
  • How exponential technologies in the hands of imaginative intrapreneurs can lead the world out of a scarcity mindset and into an economy of abundance.
  • Why sustainability is not sustainable, and why we have to create more of what we need rather than consume less of what we have.
  • Why anyone and everyone can play a vital and indispensable role in bringing about a better world.
  • The surprising counterintuitive truths of moonshot initiatives, including, for example, why youth, talent, and experience are overrated qualities in determining success.

Praise for Moonshots

It only takes a few people—driven by belief and a strong internal compass—to materially change the landscape of the world. Moonshots shows you what it takes. Read this book to learn how to develop the mindset that can make anything happen.

Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures, Founder of Sun Microsystems

Moonshots is a force multiplier for the mind for anyone who dreams of creating a better future. Humanity does indeed have a bright future—but only if enough of us read this book! Moonshots not only shows us what that brighter future could look like, but how you can actually make it happen.

Tim Draper, Investor, educator, and author of “How to be the Startup Hero”

Every entrepreneur should read this book!

Sir Richard Branson

Moonshots is a fun and inspiring must-read book for all who want to be prepared for a world approaching the singularity. With Naveen as your guide, you’ll learn that you, too, can play a vital role in creating a world of transcendence—an exhilarating world that keep surpassing new heights.

Ray Kurzweil, Inventor, Author, and Futurist

This brilliant must-read book by Naveen Jain provides the key to unlocking the emerging new era of abundance, turning the page forever on the old and obsolete scarcity-driven mindset. Here is a powerful book that will give you the confidence to launch your own moonshot and solve any grand challenge you choose.

Tony Robbins

Abundance and wealth are clearly states of mind that translate into the ability to lead a rich life, but also improve the quality of life of others. In this wonderful book Naveen shows how living in possibility, embracing uncertainty, and pursuing your dreams with passion can lead to manifesting any vision you have. Read and be enlightened and successful.

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Naveen Jain flips expectations by arguing that we should create more of what we need rather than consume less of what we have. Allow him to extend your frontiers of possibility and help you find your own moonshot.

Mehmet Oz, M.D., Emmy Award Winning Host, The Doctor Oz Show

In Moonshots, Naveen Jain shows you how to unlock the secret ingredients needed to take your own moonshot. He reinforces the vision of abundance and the fact that we are alive at the best time ever! Read this book and be prepared to take action.

Peter H. Diamandis, M.D., Founder, XPRIZE & Singularity University, Author, NYTimes Bestsellers, Abundance and BOLD