In pursuit of elevating the good, the true, and the beautiful, we are dedicated to helping create and foster the conditions that enable human flourishing and abundance everywhere.To these ends, we seek to inspire, inform, educate, encourage, enable, and support the application of critical thinking, imagination, and innovation to global challenges in four areas of tremendous human consequence: healthcare, energy, education, and social justice.

Sometimes progress in these fields requires concerted action driven by informed dissent—a vital and dynamic force that is essential to a functioning democracy. However, when dissenting voices are silenced, innovation itself is quashed. Worse, original ideas and the products of critical thinking are displaced by the kinds of deadly groupthink that ultimately yield dystopian dysfunction—in spite of an apparent intent of serving the public good, whether that intent is well-meaning but misguided, purposefully deceptive, or actually nefarious.

The Dissenting Voices platform exists because whenever and wherever dissension is suppressed, so too is freedom. Whenever and wherever freedom is suppressed, so too is human flourishing. Whenever and wherever human flourishing is suppressed, so too is life itself.