Comprising a society of the world’s foremost technologists, futurists, and entrepreneurs, Abundant World Institute™ is a social enterprise dedicated to identifying and defining exponential solutions to global grand challenges in four key areas of tremendous human consequence: energy, healthcare, education, and the environment. Enabled by a sophisticated AI-driven innovation platform, we imagineer a better future by connecting the dots looking forward

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VIDEO: The Caltech Sessions In Conversation with Carver Mead and George Gilder

Join Abundant World Institute executive director John Schroeter in a wide-ranging conversation with Carver Mead and George Gilder—two of the most gifted thinkers of our time—on innovation, the economics of abundance, the history of technology, entrepreneurship, creative possibility, surprise as information, and much more.

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Sustainability’s Fatal Flaw Should We Consume less or Create More?

Somehow, we have become convinced that sustainability is the answer to responsibly managing our dwindling resources—after all, it’s just common sense, right?—when in reality, it actually constitutes our greatest peril. By far. Far more than the possibility of climatic disruption, job-killing robots, or even nukes. Here’s why.

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Boxes, Holes, and Lateral Thinking Why Imagination is more Important than Knowledge

Disruption happens when you apply software design techniques to the design of a lunar launch vehicle. Disruption happens when you apply what you learned in space to healthcare. Disruption happens when you apply what you learned in healthcare to education. These are all examples of moving laterally to very different boxes, repurposing knowledge from unrelated fields, transplanting big ideas across industries and disciplines.

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Looking to Nature for Inspiration Copying Nature’s Systems and Strategies

The biggest innovations of the 21st century will be found at the intersection of biology and technology, meaning the creative entrepreneur can discover many solutions to human engineering challenges simply by copying nature’s amazingly inventive systems and strategies.

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The world's foremost futurists reflect on 50 years of Future Shock—and look ahead to the next 50. An exciting compendium of essays presents surprising and compelling views of the future. Coming January 9, 2020.